Our Mission

This project started with the motto of "One-for-One" (OFO) inspired by TOMS Shoes.
It means that a customer will donate one pair of shoes to other people for every one purchasing.
We would like to use this motto to begin our project by using contents as the product.

Using OFO Content Ecosystem, we intend to create new ways of sharing where people with more
purchasing power can donate to others. In OFO, every transaction will be conducted using a kind
of cryptocurrency, named "OFO coin".

In addition, OFO also provide an incentivized Content Platform. Creators will be rewarded since
they actively produce good contents. Consumers can also be rewarded since they pro-actively
consume and evaluate content quality.

Our mission is to help creators produce and broaden the distribution of beneficial, inspiring,
friendly and cultural content which can bring positive changes in the future of humanity welfare.
We also want to eliminate illegal act of content piracy by enabling more people to gain access to
high-quality content regardless of their purchasing power.

Content Ecosystem



Maximum privacy of your transaction as compared to the conventional banking system.

Smart Wallet
Smart Wallet

Most transaction is almost instant (up to 1,000 transactions/second) with low cost and no blockchain download necessary.

Content Ecosystem
Content Ecosystem

OFO provides ecosystem that supports content creators and consumers. Moreover, our ecosystem enables content donation which is effective for users who need cultural benefits and rewards.


OFO ecosystem facilitates secured transactions using blockchain technology. Various security features will be incorporated into our ecosystem to protect users against fraudulent activity.


OFO ecosystem accumulates valuable high-quality content and offline business connections. OFO will be expected to have a steady value against the fluctuations of other cryptocurrency values.


OFO ecosystem offers a variety of rewards to coin owners. You may be rewarded with additional content coins and OFO coin will be the parent of these dependent content coins.


Idea Creation

Idea Creation

Realized the need of new content ecosystem
framework with democracy and bring more
benefit to users.



Token Creation
Whitepaper Release
Web Portal Development



Initial coin offering

Content Eco Framework

Content Ecosystem Framework

Framework Development
  ·­ Content Blockchain Setup and Establishment
  ·­ Decentralized Content Ecosystem Framework
  ·­ Cryptographic Content Framework

Trade on Exchange

Trade on exchanges

Coin is available in exchange market
and real commodity on-line mall.
  ·­ Decentralize Coin Exchange
  ·­ Real Commodity Mall

Content Tool

Content Foot-printing Tool

Features Development:
  ·­ Content Discovery Journey
  ·­ Content Classification
  ·­ Content Cross-referencing

Microtask Marketplace

Micro-task Marketplace

Features Development:
  ·­ Flexible Micro-task
  ·­ Template-based Micro-task
  ·­ Transparent Micro-task

Open Marketplace

Dedicated Open Marketplace

Features Development:
  ·­ Shared Earning Distribution
  ·­ Collaborative Marketplace
  ·­ Content Distribution Channel

Close Marketplace

Close-ended Marketplace

Features Development:
  ·­ Independent Digital Content Store
  ·­ Co-owner Structure Support
  ·­ Permissioned Content Discovery and Consumption
  ·­ Collaborative Content Consumption
  ·­ Smart Campaigns
  ·­ Content Distribution Channel
  ·­ Rich Meta-data Support

Service Integration

Content Service Integration

Integrating existing services: Wepware, Visual Port, and FansComs to the Framework